Anyone hear Oritek Audio's new preamp/DAC?

I just got done listening to it at Ori's. It was much more transparent than my $3200, well-reviewed, preamp. I put a deposit down on one on the spot. I wasn't the only one impressed, either. Here is the clicker. The cost is under $1200. I will have to listen to mine at home, just to be sure, before I sell my other preamp, as I was pretty happy with my $3,200 preamp.

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It's mentioned on the Oritek Audio site, but just barely. You have to look for it. I believe that it is solid-state, and the DAC is similiar to the separate DAC that he sells. It has a remote, an Alps volume control, 2 digital and 2 analog inputs. I believe one of the key components of its sound is its simplicity. I've not heard the Monarchy, but at home I use the aforementioned preamp with an APL 3910. I'm looking forward to comparing them at home.
I just hooked up my Oritek preamp/DAC(It's called OMZ/DAC.). One thing overlooked in my initial listening session was how much you move to the music with his OMZ/DAC. This is before I've sorted out the wires or plugged it into the recommended power conditioner(In my case, just a standard one.). I've been warned not to go over the top. Some people kindly call it enthusiasm. The Audio magazines would have you believe that cheaper is worse than more expensive. Not in all cases, but that's the impression they leave. This preamp/DAC has shown the door to $3,000 and $4,000 preamps. I can't envision me going back to my $3,000 preamp and $2,500 cd player, although I will try to run it by my cd player designer. For those who are financially limited, get this while you can. You can easily play with(or beat) much bigger fish.