Anyone hear or own Volti Audio Vittora speakers?

I love horns and am very intrigued by the review by Art Dudley in Stereophile. Would like to get up to Maine and listen.
I heard them at CAF this past summer - I didn't have a lot to time because I had to get back to my exhibit room, but I thought the Vittora's sounded outstanding! They had it all - dynamics, delicacy, presence, depth...

They were also built like fine pieces of furniture - beautiful craftsmanship. They are not inexpensive, but compared to a lot of rooms with speakers costing more and sometimes A LOT more, the Vittora's sounding much more engaging for me. Definitely try to give them an audition.

Note - I have NO affiliation with Volti Audio. I didn't even get a chance to say hi to the owner - he was busy talking to potential customers. 'm just an mfgr. that got to hear their room at CAF and really enjoyed what I heard.


A friend of mine and I are highly interested. The build quality looks outstanding and show reports have been extremely positive. They look like Klipsch done right. Any user reports would be most appreciated.
Thank you Vinnie. I'm happy to hear you had a chance to hear them in show conditions and they sounded great, so I am trying to imagine what they would sound like in a properly set up listening room. I am very interested in these horns. Thank you Joeinid for your comments. If you do get a chance to hear them I would like to hear your thoughts.
I haven't heard the Volti's per se, but I have heard a friend's Klipshorns that have been upgraded to the Volti midrange and tweeter horn and drivers and a new 15" woofer in the Klipsh cabinet. So in effect it is a slightly larger Volti with parts manufactured by Volti.

They are far better than the Klipshorns, sounding so un-horn like. They actually image like a very good cone or paneland sound recessed in their soundstage, not in your face like a typical horn. Very nice, even, warm, transparent and extended. Overall I was extremely impressed.

If you can hear them you definitely should. There is something special going on there, for sure.
I also heard them at CAF and was a little underwhelmed. I thought they were too far apart and sounded like two distinct sources. The lack of any deep bass was also a little disconcerting. I would love to hear them in my own room since the rooms there were less than great. That said, I'd take whatever anyone has to say, including me, with a grain of salt. The cabinets were absolutely stunning though. Hell, I'd be tempted to buy a pair for that reason alone.
I agree with what Audiodude1aol stated above. I heard them Sunday at CAF and imaging was pretty mediocre in that there was a center image and then everything else was glued to each speaker. They could've improved things by bringing the speakers in a bit to create a realistic sound stage. Tonally though, I liked what I heard but I'm pretty forgiving of systems having no real low bass.
Volti will be showing at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, assuming central Colorado hasn't washed away by then. Room 1102.