anyone hear of Vecteur l-4.2 cd player?

I've heard this player and thought it was wonderful but I am a novice audiophile and have been duped before. It retails about $2500USD. Vecteur is a french company I have been told. Heard of them anyone???
I owned one for about six months before selling it when I realized I listen to maybe 2 CDs per week and could not justify keeping an expensive unit such as this for casual use. It was clearly a much better transport than my prior Marantz CD63SE; smoother, better bass extension. The DAC is also very good.

Very well made unit; my understanding is that the designer was formally one of the original YBA designers.

This has to be considered one of the best CD transports around at this price and one of the better CD players. If you have any questions about the reliability or warranty issues contact the Mutine warranty fellow who is Nick Gowan at Truesound. His number is 408-370-7578.

Highly recommended.
I believe the CDP is designated L4.2. I own one of these. In its price range ( and dare I say, quite a bit above that as well), it is the most musical player I heard in my system. It doesn't thrust detail in your face, yet it is highly resolving. On musicality - rhythm, melody etc. it is incredible. Its sonics are astounding as well.
In order to reap its advantages, you need it to feed equally good components downstream. Partnered with good cables, and feeding an Audiomat Prelude, the results are spectacular. From small group jazz to rock to orchestra, it is extremely neutral, piano has bark and bite, stringed instruments are glorious with great snap etc...
For comparisions, I heard Classe, SimAudio, McCormack, Linn, etc. in and round its price range and for my system, it was easily the best choice.