Anyone hear of the Black Cable Tie tweak?

Black Cable Tie Tweak. Just in time for Christmas!

Here's a fun little project. Count the number of drain spouts on your house or apt building - drain spouts are the long, 6" diameter vertical metal pipes that run from the roof gutters to the ground. You might know them better as waterspouts, downspouts, roof drain pipes or some other arcane word or terminology so don't bust my chops.

Obtain enough 14" black cable ties from Home Depot so you'll have one black cable tie for each drain spout. IIRC 14" black cable ties come in a pack of 10 which should be plenty unless you live in Buckingham Palace. If you encounter a drain spout that's too wide for the 14" cable tie, use two cable ties per drain spout. First, freeze the cable ties.

Place all cable ties in the freezer overnight (about 12 hours). Remove them the next day and allow to thaw to room temperature. Secure one black cable tie snugly around each drain spout at a point approximately one foot up from the bottom opening of the pipe near the ground.

After all cable ties are in place go listen to some favorite recordings.

Cheers, Geoff Kait
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It is common in debates about controversial tweaks for "believers" to say to "skeptics" something like "you can't say it doesn't work if you haven't tried it."

Perhaps this particular tweak serves as an illustration that there are finite limits to the applicability of that kind of statement, which is a point I've made in several of those debates.

Perhaps. :-)

-- Al
No, John (Jmcgrogan2). Perhaps I was too subtle. My comment was a dig at those who seem to feel that it is never legitimate to reject a tweak "a priori," no matter how absurd the tweak may seem to be.

Happy holidays! Best regards,
-- Al