Anyone hear of KEVEK speakers?

What I know so far is that they were manufactured in Carlsbad, CA by Kevek Speaker Technology in the late 80's and they use Vifa components.
Any other info would be appreciated.
You already know more about them than I do. I owned a pair for awhile and sold them to a friend who still uses them. Absolute sleepers, they used to make me go home and wonder why I ever sold them. Good looking too.
I have a pair of ES-12's. They do use Vifa speaker components. 12" woofer, 6.5" mid bass and a 3/4" dome tweeter. Kind of look like small Magnepans. I bought these in the late 80's. I think the company went out of business sometime around 1990/1991. I too could not find anymore info about them. Agree with Bryceeboy, good looking units and still sound great in the second system.
YES!! I loved these speakers. I used to have a set of 6.5's in my doors that had a GREAT bottom end fill for my system. Handled a buttload of power too. Ohhh how I wish I still had em. I lived in Carlsbad and knew this guy who had a little Stereo shop in Encinitas. It was where I went for all my parts. Got my original HiFonics Gemini there.
Yes i've heard of them. They were produced by The Speaker Factory in Encinitas, California, not Carlsbad. They had 4", 6", 8", 10", and 12" drivers which were used for home and car audio. They were a very top quality brand which unfortunately disappeared. I have some of their 12" subs which I might want to sell.
I just found this post. I used to be good friends with the designer of these speakers John Bradford. He owed a home/car audio business in Encinitas Ca. called Speaker Factory. My uncle used to be a seller of the Kevek line. My parents have a pair of ES 6's and my friend has a pair of ES 8's. My uncles name is Ed Frias. He now is a speaker manufacturer himself. His own line of speakers is EFE Technologies. As far as I know John Bradford and the Kevek line of speakers are LONG GONE !!!
I have a beautiful like new pair of Kevek ES 10's..They have had the tweeters replaced and I am desperately searching for a pair of originals..I love the looks of these speakers and they sound pretty darn good even with the Parts Express tweeters but I really want them to be back in original form..Can anybody help?
I have a pair of Kevek ES 6's. I'm glad I found this post, I just hooked them up after perhaps 15 years of storage and they sound better than anything else I have today. Although I now remember why I stopped using them, one woofer, I believe it's a 6.5 inch woofer, is not working. I assume it's blown, though I don't remember if I took it apart to confirm.

If I replace these woofers with Vifa woofers from Parts-Express, does anyone think I'll notice a difference, other than having both woofers work?

I have the original tweeters and they sound great. I'm using a PSE Preamp and a NAD Power Amplifier. Definitely from the late 1980's.
So these speakers have a blown woofer and still sound better than anything you have today. Either they are the best thing since sliced bread, or that bar is pretty low.

LOL Shakeydeal. Well if it weren't for the blown speaker they both would sound better. But, I was just referring to the one speaker performance.

I didn't add that I haven't bought anything else high end since. The best I have today is an old (~2005) Bose 5.1 system, and I didn't buy it, it was a hand me down. The Kevek speakers sound better.

I haven't bought any high end audio systems since the early 1990's. Priorities changed. But now I'm interested again.

I suppose the Bose System did set the bar pretty low!
I just now checked again online for any new information on the Kevek line of speakers and see there is at least a little interest here since my post about my search for a pair of tweeters..I'm still hoping and searching for a pair of original tweeters for my ES 10's if anybody out there can help.
I have a pair of ES6s. All the drivers work but the crossover on one needs work as it won't allow the signal to go to the tweeter. Also, the surrounds on the woofers are starting to go but the one with the good crossover sounds great. Anybody interested...REAL CHEAP!