Anyone Hear New Ohm Walsh MKIII driver upgrades?

I have the Ohm Walsh 200 MkII and am wondering about the "NEW" MkIII with the new silk-dome tweeeters? How do they compare? What changes were made? And most importantly how do they sound? .....And has anyone sold their Walshes and been satisfied with another speaker manufacturer?
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Have not heard the new ones yet but I have a pair of walsh 300 mk11 formally in my 2 channel system now in my hometheater system along with rebuilt walsh 4,s in the back. What the Ohms do(imaging and soundstage) is hard to compete with, but what they are not the best at is defination or sweetness of the mids and top end. I now have a pair of Tyler Woodmeres for my 2 channel set up that I am very happy with. They have a full soundstage and dig much deeper into the music
I have not heard them. I have a pair of Ohm Walsh 300's. I think they are the Mark 1 version. I bought them back in 99 and have used them in my two channel system since that time. The Ohm's imaging is great. To my ears the speakers sound very balanced and clear. They sound good no matter where you are in the house thanks to their coherent drivers.

I drive the 300's with a Bryston 4BST. I have only two criticisms of this setup. First, the speaker / amp combination runs out of gas on some bass heavy rock CD's that I listen to. The inefficient drivers are hard to drive. This could be addressed by crossing the lower frequencies over to a subwoofer. My second minor complaint is that the cabinet build quality is not that high and the internal wiring is cheaply implemented (probably minor impact on the sound).

Going back to your question, the upgrade is going to sound better but at $3K it is not cheap. If the improvement is not substantial then you may be better off spending money on a subwoofer instead. I thought about upgrading until I found a great deal on a pair of Avantgarde Duos. I am going to try easy to drive horns for a change of pace. Going to hold off on selling my Ohms for now but if the Avantgardes perform as advertised then I will probably sell them to help offset costs. Good luck to you.
I have Ohm Walsh Super 2 S3s (what a ridiculously long name, no?). This is the old, discontinued Walsh 2 cabinet with current Walsh 100 S3 drivers, similar the ones you are asking about. I haven't heard the old MKII drivers, but I can tell you that I'm thrilled with these speakers so far. If you do go for it, I'd ask about the Super 2. Ohm cut around $400 off the cost of a regular Walsh 100 pair, and according to them, they sound identical (just look different).
I have f-5 S3's and Walsh 2 S3's. I recommend both highly as very high sonic quality per $. The f-5 are simply out of this comparison. No conventional design can compare. Maybe German Physic Walsh's, high end maggies or high end electrostatics that cost much more....

If you want flexibility in room placement and good powerful and clean bass extension down to ~ 25hz, according to Ohm (I haven't measure this but upon listening believe it) go with the Walsh 5 Series 3 drivers. Ohm may have refurbished models with this available to save money over new Walsh 5 S3s. The F-5's are not as tall as new Walsh 5 cabinets, which I think is an advantage for most rooms.

I owned original Walsh 2's for 25 years. The new Series 3 drivers offer better dynamics, outstanding midrange (vocals are incomparable), clear neutral sound, smoother more extended top end, deeper and more powerful bass, and way more precise soundstaging...

I also own Triangle and Dynaudio monitors currently and have owned Maggies and larger B&W's in the past.

The F-5s bring out the best in all recordings, old and new. I hear things I never heard before in music I've heard dozens of times on many other speakers over the years, as a result of the coherent sound staging and other associated sonic attributes. They make me want to listen to everything I've ever listened to again. The coherency of the overall sonic presenation is magical: like you are there. Never heard original Ohm F's, but from other's descriptions I'd say these are comparable + 30 years of design refinement better.

The series 3 are the bomb. NEver heard series 2 so I cannot compare to those. I've read a lot of reviews of high end Ohms on the web. I'd agree with most of the superlatives I've seen tossed about.