Anyone hear new Antique Sound Labs "Hurricane"?

Are these tube mono's for real, or, just hype? Considering them...
I am waiting for mine to come in. There is a bit of a backlog on orders due to the positive review in TAS. I hope to hook them up as soon as I get them and give a review or comments back to all of us. I am currently using an ARC VT 100mkll amp.

I have them in my system right now for a demo. These have upgraded KT88s, wiring, and input tubes. Extremely good amps, especially for the money. Detail, soundstaging, imaging are right up there with the best I've heard.
Does anyone know how long the KT88 tubes last in this amp? What does it cost to replace a set? I am not looking to purchase, but having read the TAS review I became curious as to what it costs to keep these things up and running. It would seem to be a costly proposition.
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Chinese KT88's are in the thirty dollar range each, so even with cheap tubes you're looking close to five hundred bucks. I'm in AZ and that many tubes going at once would only leave me with three or four months it could be used. The heat output should be tremendous. With that many tubes on a small chassis, it must be a thrill (trepidation, fear?) every time you reach down to flip the power switch on!