anyone hear Leif Series or LS Nordost IC cables


I am thinking of comparing some IC cables to use running my EAR phono preamp to my Dartzeel line stage preamp. I have tried a silver interconnect but that was not a good match. I was thinking of trying perhaps the newer Nordost Leif Series aka LS because it is supposed to have better bass than the older Nordost cables.

Has anyone heard the blue heaven ls or red dawn ls?


Surprised no opinion on new Nordost cables
Im interested in LS series as well...anyone hear them?
I've had a chance to audition the Red Dawn LS speaker cables in my system and wasn't overly impressed. They were "fine" but I found them somewhat dull and lacking in detail. Just my opinion. Further, for what it's worth, I found the Nordost jumpers to be very close, but not quite on par with the short pieces of 12 gauge solid core, teflon covered silver I use for jumpers. Again, this is just my opinion.
I was at the UK national audio show last weekend and attended the usual Nordost roadshow run by Lars. As well as demoing the QX4 and QV2, he concentrated on the new entry level Lief series, in particular the blue heaven and red dawn. I have used both albeit some 10 years ago. I was pretty favourably impressed with both and the clear improvement with the red dawn. From memory, I feel both are an upgrade from the old blue heaven and red dawn.

One of the most interesting points he made, was how crucial the power cable to the distribution block is. He made a convincing demo that one Odin PC into a Q base and otherwise an all blue heaven loom, sounded better than an all Valhalla loom