Anyone hear Dk Design VS1 Mk. 2 with Hyperion 938?

I'm thinking of upgrading my amp to the Dk Design Group VS1 Mk. 2 for my Hyperion 938 speakers. I would appreciate any comments on the sound of this intregated monster with the Hyperions if you have been fortunate enough to own both. Thanks.
Hi,I have both,recived the 938s around christmas 2005.Took about 100hrs break in.Sound great with DK amp.Found that I had to get some warmer valves( using Dutch Phillips 6992 SQ and put two slabs of polished marble under the feet of the speakers.Find the rca interconnects better than the balanced type and using those supplied by DK.No complaints what so ever Sound fills the room
Its awesome. You simply can't get a better amp for the Hyperions then the DK. Also, many dealers set up Hyperions with the DK and I often see this combination at shows.
i've got the dk mk2 amp and am considering the hyperion 938s!

did you go with the dk? if so, what do you think?

i've currently got a pair of kef 104/2s, and, while they sound wonderful, i'm a little unhappy with the high midrange.
Hi Erik,

I decided not to go with the DK - waiting for a custom made tube amp. Kef 104/2s were good speakers for their time, but no where in the league of the 938s.
Regarding Hyperion speakers, are you all dealing with a dealer or directly with the manufacturer? I heard the 968s at HE2006 back in June and was quite impressed. I wanted to audition them more before I decide whether they are the ones for me. There's not a dealer around the San Francisco Bay Area.

I had asked the sales rep at the show if it would be possible to do another audition at a later date. And he told me that they have a showroom in their Southern California facility. I had e-mailed Hyperion Audio two weeks ago and still haven't heard back from them. Just wondering what others' experiences have been with this company.

I will be pairing it with a Pass X350.5, and will also try biamping with a Pass Aleph Os to see how it sound. Other speakers that I was impressed at the show and will be auditioning are Usher Be-10 and Verity Audio Parsifal Ovation.