Anyone hear both Parasound JC-2 and Pass XP10?

Or XP20? I've been quite happy with my X1, except for not having enough resolution in the volume control. I passed on the chance to get a X0.2 a while back, but with reports of the XP series apparently sounding better than even the X0.2 it's got me thinking again. The JC-2 seems like it might be a comparable preamp. Hoping someone out there has heard both and might lend some thoughts.
I just listened to an XP-20 for a few days in my system and should have a JC-2 to listen to in early June. I will try to post some thoughts.

FWIW, the XP-20 was extremely clean with a very black background. I thought it was well balanced and really added very little to the overall sound of my system - which is a good thing. I didn't find any issues with the XP-20 and thought it was also well built and feature laden.

That being said, when I put back in my Plinius M8 preamp, I didn't feel that my system's performance had a dramatic drop. This surprised me since I felt that the Pass XP-20 was better than the M8 when going down the "audiophile checklist".

Thanks George. I'll be real interested in what you think of the Parasound.

Have forgotten you, work has just been very busy and I haven't yet listened to the JC2.

It might not happen till July.

That's okay George. Happy to wait.
Hi George. Checking in to see if there's any news to report.

I have to say that this is one good preamp! The reviews out there are pretty much spot on in terms of the JC 2's strengths:

- powerful bottom end
- black background
- great sound staging and imaging
- clear and detailed mid-range
- well balanced

Compared to my Plinius M8, the JC 2 was much stronger in the bass and produced a more solid foundation that made me realize that I was missing something with the M8.

I found the mid-range on the M8 a tad sweeter and maybe a little more engaging than the JC 2. Overall, they were darn close in their level of performance and sound - not anywhere near the level of difference that there was in the bass.

The one area I felt that the M8 was better in was the highs. I felt that with the M8, the highs were a little more extended, with a little more "you are there".

I could easily live with either preamp, but I am leaning towards buying the JC 2 due to its superior bass.

If you the opportunity to hear or audition either preamp, I heartily recommend both.

Ah, that's interesting news. Now audio memory being what it is, George, can you say anything about your memory of how the XP20 sounded in comparison to the JC-2?
Based on my memory, I think the JC 2 is generally on par with the XP-20 and it probably has better bass (especially the lowest octave or two).

My buddy who lives a few miles from me still has his XP-20, so if I decide to buy the JC 2, I can ask him to bring it over and do a direct comparison.

Given the price differences between the two preamps, I think the JC 2 is a much better value.