Anyone Hear a Sophia Electric 300b

I am trying to compare a few amps and wanted to know what the opinions are on the Sophia? Also George Wright's amps.
I've had many 300B amps, have FOUR now, and The Sophia 300B is excellent. Sorry, don't know about Wright's amps.
Good Luck!
The Wright amps impart less personality into the tone and presentation than any amplifier I've ever heard. No BS, just a straight line to the music.
Ok guys thanks for the opinions.
Hope it helps. We have K-horns as well, and I would strongly suggest the Heritage Crossover upgrade advertised here on Audiogon. We've performed many upgrades to our system, and for low-wattage amps, Dean's crossover was the most noticeable improvement we've experienced.

Others that I consider essential:
1) re-wiring with silver (you need 20ft.): dramatically improves the clarity, speed, and definition of the sound
2) dampening the horns with Dynamat or the like, which removes the shout effect, and helps to project the sound into the room.

Good luck.
I'm running Sophia's 300B 2.5v Princess tubes in the Wright Mono 10 amps. Ah, bliss!
My Sophia´s shorted out within 3 years with VERY light usage. UNRELIABLE. They sounded pretty good while they lasted. But nothing like the Western Electrics I had before. Those were also like tanks lasting me years, why did I sell them?