Anyone having trouble with Tidal cutting out?

We have been quite happy with Tidal-- we got the fastest internet (100 Mbps) and it was going great until a couple of weeks ago.  It started cutting out.  I have eliminated the streamer (we have two and same thing happens on both), both are hard wired, and the internet tech guy says speed is 100 Mbps +.  I have unplugged everything.  Now I wonder if it is Tidal?  Has Spotify improved its sound? 

What's your location? 
No problems here in rural Alabama. (Knock wood)

This has worked for others experiencing Tidal drop outs:
Southwest Indiana.  Thanks. 

Using AT&T? I have found them pretty unreliable.
I had some issues about a yr avowed with Deezer and it turned out to be my router. I have Tidal as well but have yet to experience any drop outs. Have you tried unplugging your router for a few minutes and let everything reset itself? That helped with mine but replacement was the final solution.

is right. When experiencing network issues, it is always a good idea to disconnect the modem, router, and switches from power. Switching them off or resetting them isn't sufficient. 
Then bring the network back on line one device at a time, working inward from the modem. After a few minutes off, boot the modem. Then once the modem is fully communicating with the ISP's CMTS, usually a minute or two, bring the router back online, Then the switches, if any.  

I do this on my home network at least once per month. With the coming and going of several cell phones on a daily basis - some of which are used in other wifi networks and college campuses, it's always a good idea to do a reset.

I unplugged my Bluenode 2 streamer  when I was moving some gear around and later when I went to stream Tidal, it kept cutting out.  I logged back into the network on the tablet I was using as a controller and the cutting out stopped. 
Thanks everyone for the ideas.  I have unplugged everything, so maybe the modem if faulty.  I will contact my computer person.  

Check your own internet speed with speedtest.  Tidal's been fine.  

Cerrot:  I did check the speed with speed test and the speed is around 34 mbps down.  The New Wave (my internet company) tech was at my house and said Speed Test is inaccurate, and that I should use the New Wave test.  That test connects to various servers-- the closest one to me in Indiana is Illinois.  The Illinois server shows 100+ mbps, but when I choose the Louisiana New Wave server, it varies between 30 mbps and 90 mbps.  It's all over the place.  The tech says the Illinois shows the true speed because Louisiana is so far away.  That explanation sounded silly to me.  I bet Tidal's server is "far away" too. 
Based on the info you provided above, the problem may not be with your ISP.

How is your streamer connected to the Internet?  Are you going direct to the router or using an Ethernet switch?   What device are you using to stream Tidal?

I had similar "cutting out problems" and we determined that my router was not able to handle the streaming load.  It seems that some packets in the router were getting dropped under high demand usage.  We replaced my Linksys router with an Apple AirPort Extreme Router and my connectivity problem was solved.    

My Aurender N10 Music Server is connected to a Luxul 8-port gigabit Ethernet switch and I can stream Tidal with no problems.  I suggest you check the equipment between your streamer and modem to confirm everything can handle the Tidal streaming demands.  The problem could with with the streamer device so please let me know what you are using (but I doubt this is the problem)?

You may need to replace some of this equipment.  
Some additional items to check are:

1)  Update your device firmware:  Check to see if there are any firmware updates available for your device (router, computer, etc.).   Device manufacturers regularly release firmware updates you can download to your device over an active Internet connection.  Most devices also feature manual steps for firmware updates in the "Settings" menu.  The user manual for your device generally includes information about accessing and managing firmware settings, as well.

2)  Are there a lot of other devices connected to the same Internet network you are using that could impact the streaming speed?

3) Many streaming issues are caused by problems with your Internet connection and the hardware used (router, Ethernet switch).   

4) Restarting your device, Internet modem, Ethernet switch (turn off for 2 minutes and plug back in) and router can resolve many intermittent connectivity issues.

Please keep us posted.  

Dude - speedtest is fine and 30 mips will not get you tidal.  You need 50.  and thats pushing it with internet traffic.

Check the link out - New wave is the worse ISP in america and their speed test is a scam.  


Thank you.  I thought speedtest was okay.  I am not surprised to hear about New Wave, but we are stuck with it. (small town no other options) We will try some of the other ideas from Hgeif.


Good luck, buddy.