Anyone having trouble loading Web site for

Can not get on to HDtracks site. I get the emails and click on link and server not found. Several devices including home computer hard wired (not wifi). Even typing in the url. Just checking to see if site is still running. Like I said I get the weekly emails but cannot connect since somewhere around the first of the year. Can't Google a phone number for support either. Anyone else? Or just me?
Just tried getting on the site, no problems.
Use a different web browser and restart your modem/router.
Thanks guys. Noticed my phone worked so I deleted cookies on iPad and changed some browser options and got going again. Not sure what happened but had been that way for weeks, even while away on vacation. So I new it wasn't my network specifically. Any way surfing HD again. 

Yes, I have been having trouble. After 2 days I finally was able to download the new Chicago ll  Remastered HD.