anyone having problems W / Llano

I'd like to now if anyone has recieved product form llano design in the past 6months or what kind of dealings people have had or are having currently. Any thoughts
and or feed back would be welcomed. Thanks
I bought directly from Randy White, LLANO TRINITY 3 years ago and upgraded it last fall to Pheonix. I have had NO issues whith the company and RAndy has been straight forward in doing business. The amps are excellent, with Seimens 7308 gold pin tubes. Excellent bass, smooth mid reange and treble- build like tank. I checked it with my electronics friend here who examined the inside and said the parts Randy has used are very good comapred to the LAMMS
It is up to the individuals as to how they deal with people.
Before I bought the amps I did check with 4 people I KNOW here in Va who gave me good reviews. I use the amp with First Sound Deliux MArk II preamp, Verity PArsifal speakers, Audio Note 3.0 CD player, all cardas cables and Shunyata power cords.
That's great for You. It would seem that You've had very good luck. Thanks so much for Your insight.