Anyone having problems playing EMI classical?

I use 3 players and I am baffled by the behaviour of 2 of them with SOME emi classical /encore records.My YBA CD 1 cannot even initialize them,and my Krell sacd standard (purchased 2 years ago)reads the TOC,starts in cd mode,thenn pauses once or twice and stops after less than a minute.On nthe other hand ,my $189 OPPO 980 has no problem at all.I am trying other labels but so far only EMI induces this behavior.
Any thoughts out theree???...DRMs? ..
Hi Alaincperez
I went thru the same problem over the last 3 years.I had mkI,then mk II and now i have a Raymedia drive mk3 SACD Standard and they all had the same problem:cannot initialise half of the CDS i own.I learned some tricks though:all the players i had will initialise any disc when just turned on(from a standby).but they must be cold(in standby) for at least 1 hour.I usually get the CD i want to hear the most ready and put it right in.Interestingly,the player won't initialise the same disc half an hour later.
Also,painting the edges helped on half of the CDs.They are initialising now without a problem.
When everything else fails,get some Verbatim Archive grade CD-Rs(they cost a buck a piece and even less if you buy a bundle)and burn a copy at slow speed.It will sound better than the original and in my experience SACD Standard likes them a lot.Out of 400 Verbatim CD-Rs i have,all of them load fast and never fail.(my guess the golden recordable surface is very laser friendly for Krell player)All others i tried like Sony Music with deep blue recordable surface or Memorex with green one failed miserably.If you don't like going CD-R way,fill out the form at Krell's website and get a return authorization #.They will take a look at it and probably install a Raymedia Drive(the one they put in Evolution series)but trust me,after all is done,you're gonna have the same problems.Mine went thru 5 transport changes and i still use CD-Rs.The reason i keep it is when the player decides to play music,no other player at twice the price comes close.Curious note:the player never faile a Japanese made CD.I guess their quality control has something to do with it.
I hope this helps and don't give up on it!If you do,you will always miss it.