Anyone Having Problem With Cardas Clear Beyond XL Power Cables Falling Out Of Equipment

I love my new Cardas Clear  Beyond XL power cables , however I am having a problem  with them either coming loose on wall  receptical or loosing contact on my Shunyata Hydra Triton 1. They are just too heavy. Any suggestions are appreciated.   

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HI Samgar- two things that should help.  First of all, rotate the duplex outlet 180 degrees so that the ground port is at the top rather than the bottom- this gives the cable a LOT better support and is within code.  Secondly at the IEC end, get some old fashioned cloth adhesive tape and wrap the IEC of the power cord a couple of turns to make it fit tighter.  I see some people use telson tape, but that is slippery and the cloth tape grips a LOT better.  Good Luck!