Anyone have Warfedale Linton 85th anniversary?

I saw this review on Erin's website was wondering if anyone has these speakers and what you think of them.


Well, I did not buy the Lintons so cant comment on them. For me after learning that the Wharfedale EVO4 range of speakers used a dome mid range and how that is not often implemented in speakers and the sound improvement of which can be better explained by searching online I thought I would just take a chance on buying a pair of EVO 4.3 especially since I saw that there was a pair of demo or B stock being sold for 1K shipped . Audio Advisor had them on Reverb I think it was. A white pair which I did not want and thought I will offer the same price the demos or B stock are being sold for and see what happens. I offered on black oak which is a veneer.   Why not. I offered and it worked and got them for 1k shipped and not demos or B stock ! They do sound good and just realized that its time to buy an amp I can hold onto for a minute to check out how they perform with something other than a NuPrime STA-6.. (class a pre section with class D output). My s/s setup is a bit spare because my usual choice is SET with high sensi speakers.. But not in the summer. At any rate, that mid range dome is definitely worth checking out.

@grislybutter definitely looking at some Dynaudio and Dali speakers along with the Polk R700, which of late has been getting some positive "buzz" from all the YouTubers, sound quality-wise if not for the pedestrian (boring) looks (who thought washed out black T-shirt grey was a good grille color? And why did they kill the white finish which looked really nice?).  Like the looks of the one-third more expensive in the U.S. Monitor Audio Silver 500 7G in ash much better than the Polk, but some reviewers said their midrange was a little on the lean side. Thanks. 

I have heard them many times at a local brick and mortar store(Quest For Sound in Bensalem, PA). I Always thought that they sounded terrific. I would describe them as fun and exciting. Normally they are paired with either a Rogue Sphinx or Parasound Hint six.

I liked them so much that I purchased a pair in walnut with the matching stands. I had a Will Vincent modified Dynaco 70 that I wanted to pair with vintage looking speakers without the potential pitfalls that can come with 30 or 40-year-old speakers. They sound great with the Will Vincent amplifier! they are not my main speakers nor have I tried them in my main system. I am very happy with them where they are. I have a number of other bookshelf speakers and several pair of floor sanders from Focal, Sonus Faber, and KEF. I enjoy listening to the Lintons as much as any of them. I am not saying they are my best speakers. I simply have a great time listening to them! I cannot recommend them highly enough!