Anyone have this turntable issue?

Whenever I set my cartridge on the record, I hear a loud pop. This is with the volume turned down all the way. It seems to be the stylus entering the groove. I have done everything to avoid static in the system. I'm quite sure it is not static. Just one loud pop when the cartridge is lowered. No problems after that. I cannot imagine how that impulse noise gets to the speaker with zero gain on the preamp/processor. How can this happen?!
Did you recently install this cartridge?
If you are using separate components, is the preamp new to your system?
You are sure with low and high volume that you are not hearing any irregularities?
Pending those answers, eliminating static is not too hard: 1. Get rid of fabric turntable mats and replace with either a cork mat which you can likely get from Amazon or otherwise from U-Turn Audio. OR you can get a Herbies Way Excellent II Turntable Mat. 2. Get a Zerostat and use it. 
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I have the SOTA Nova with SME V and Ortofon Quintet Black. Ortofon ST7 step up and Sutherland DUO Phono amp into Bryston SP3 preamp. Everything is grounded, air is humid. I use Furutech static discharger, I don't brush my records, and I have a static drain on the turntable. Not much chance of static here! Even if it were static, how could it pass the volume control which is turned all the way down?
Does the pop still occur if the mute function of the SP3 is engaged prior to and at the time the stylus hits the record?

Also, by any chance do any of the components in the system, such as a powered subwoofer, have a signal-sensitive auto-standby feature?

Finally, and this is just a hunch, if you are still using the Plinius Odeon amplifier you mentioned in a post a few months ago you might try changing the setting of its ground-lift switch to the opposite of what it is currently set to. It would be prudent, though, to turn the amp off and wait about 30 to 60 seconds before changing that setting.

-- Al

Disconnect the turntable ground and see if it happens. Next try a different cartridge. Very Weird. It has to be sending a signal through the ground assume your volume is all they way down when it is all the way down. Is there any signal at all with the volume all the way down. If there is just a little it is the cartridge.