anyone have the NHT3/4 w/ Primaluna amps? Do tell

anyone have this / these combination?
For quite a while, I used the NHT SB2 (now the Classic 2) with the Prima Luna 2 integrated. I loved the combination. With music that was vocal rich, the sound was almost 3D like. I thought that tubes gave the NHT's a dimension that solid state amps did not.

Regards, Rich
thanks rich. i appreciate your input.
i've got the 3s, and considering matching
them with either a PL integrated or
amp/pre combo. the thing is, i listen to all sorts
of music and from what i understand, the PLs excel
better at vocals than rock, not that that's a bad thing.
thanks again.
I would be more concerned with how high you play your music as the PL 2 only puts out 36 wpc. If you listen at less than Woodstock levels in a moderate sized room, you should do OK. The PL does fine with both vocals and instruments. NHT speakers do fine with rock.

Regards, Rich
Listening to Radiohead's new album on my Prima Luna Prologue 2/ Rega Apollo CD player/ Rega Ara speakers combo ... vocals and instruments sound pretty good. I am using this system in a 15 X 10 X 8.5 room, nearfield listening position, between low and moderate volumes. Speakers on their sides inside of a bookcase and the Prologue Two makes it all come together.

Regards, Rich
Fair enough, Rich.
I like listening at moderately loud levels, especially after I've had a couple of glasses of wine.
My room is comparable to yours at 17x13x8', but heavily dampened with a big sectional. Sounds like I should be OK. Thanks for your opinion.
I think I'll do some auditioning this weekend!

Thanks again!