Anyone have the Fosgate Signature V2 Phonostage?

Anyone here have this phonostage and if you do, how do you like it? How does it sound? I have a Jolida JD9 right now and am considering this as an upgrade. Do you think that would be the case and if so, why?

Appreciate any and all feedback!
I ordered one mid December. It replaced an Acurus P-10. It sounded OK right out of the box, but I was not blown away. After about 20 hours I began to notice the sound stage bloomed big time. Detail is excellent. I have not changed any tubes, still listening with the stock tubes. I have 60 days to decide whether or not to keep it. Bad thing for me is no way to hear other stages side by side. If I decide to send it back, my search starts over. Turntable is Basis 1400. Micro Benz cartridge. Von Schweikert Audio VR4SR speakers.
I have the Foz v2. Mine is 2 years old.
The closeout price on Musicdirect makes it a best buy.
I had to negotiate to get that same price. Now you can get it without the haggle.

Just know it's no longer in production, but you will get full support in the event of a warranty issue from the distributor-Musical Surroundings.

The Jolida is probably a fine unit but you'll hear a night and day difference. The Foz clearly a step above.
Here's Foz info:

Stock it sounds good. It can be nudged to greatness with tube/power cord tweaking.
Thanks, folks, really appreciate the feedback. Still pondering though.....any more thoughts?
I owned one and it is a very good phono stage. I moved on to a Art Audio Vinyl One from there, and then to an Aesthetix Rhea Signature.

A good choice, especially for the price, unless you are going to use very low output MC cartridges such as the Denon DL-S1.
I have had one for about 5 weeks and I love it. It is US made, unlike the Jolida, so its value may not be quite as high. It replaced a really fine solid state unit, and as the saying goes I want to listen to all my records again. With the right record it offers a large and DEEP sound stage, beautiful instrumental textures and it is completely unfazed by the loudest and most complex musical material. The tubed power supply provides whatever is called for.

Just a few cautions.

The Foz is a tube unit with no solid state devices in the signal path. It uses 6 tubes (+ a rectifier) to give it 3 gain stages. No transistor, no SUT. The max gain is only 60 db. A s/n ratio is not published. Compare that to your Jolida. I use it with a Shelter that has .4mV output and that is about as low as I think one should go in cartridge output with the Foz. I hear tube rush close to the speakers, but nothing to annoy me at the listening distance.

So far I have not rolled tubes. Actually they give you an extra tube that will change the sound somewhat, but I have not used it yet. It is easy to tube roll the Foz as you don't need matched tubes; each tube handles both L and R signal; you need quiet, balanced tubes. But tube rolling can be expensive if you let yourself go.

There is an extensive discussion on Audiogon. Do a search. Also look at the discussion on
Thanks, JPerry and Melm, very good information. Right now, I'm running a Sumiko Blackbird(Hi) that has 2.5mV output so should be fine there. With my Jolida JD9 I've rolled the original 12AX7 tubes down to 12AT7s and find it sounds much better with those, could also just be the difference between the stock Tung Sols and the NOS GE 12AT7s, not sure. Some have said the Tung Sols are fine, but I'm not of that opinion after much swapping in and out of each pairs. The Blackbird is to be loaded at 47Kohms, but I find it sounds much more nuanced and clear at the 230ohm setting, all gain switches off through the HI outputs. With the 47Kohm setting, there was harshness and even a bit of audible distortion. Thanks, I will do the search again as I didn't find that discussion when I did so earlier.
Anovak, Did you in any way modify the circuit, when you changed from 12AX7 to 12AT7? Besides affording less gain, the 12AT7 is a very different animal from a 12AX7 in terms of optimal operating parameters. The 12AT7 sounds best with much more current, compared to 12AX7. The good news is that if you've done nothing to the circuit (and if you can live with the reduced gain), you can get better performance from your Jolida by changing a few resistors.
Very good point, Lewm. No, I did not modify the circuit and am thinking that the reduced gain puts me more into the optimal range that the Sumiko Blackbird needs.....just a guess, but I've been looking at the gain values for the different settings and find that about 55dB sounds best. That is with all the gain switches OFF and using the HI output. Tried the LO output at 50 and 65dB gain settings and it just sort of lost luster, which is what much of what I've read corroborates in terms of using that LO output and the attenuation circuit that is in there....can you point me to the resistors that best be changed to get even better performance? Not sure this is still within the parameters of this thread, so sorry if that's the case. Maybe just point me to a link where I can read that info and how to do it? Really appreciate your taking the time to be helpful, thanks.