Anyone have the Dynaudio Contour 1.4's?

I think I have decided to get the 1.4's even though I have not heard them. I actually was in the market to get the 1.3SE's but they are impossible to find. Those who have the 1.4's or listened to them, whats your thoughts? There are not many reviews out there.
I own the 1.4s

Why do you choose dynaudio?
I always liked how neutral the speakers were. Everything that I have owned, BM15A, BM6A, Air 20, MKII, 1.3SE have really just wowed me. The 1.3SE's were a bit more forward on the top end, but I still loved them. What do you think about your 1.4's?
I find them actually to be pretty similar sounding to the 1.3SE, so if you like them, you'll surely like the 1.4 as well.

Typically contour-range Dyaudio. I compared the 1.3SE and the S1.4 back to back in a well setup room at the dealer, and I ended up with the 1.4 mainly because they are just the current model. I'm sure there are suble sonic differences between them, but they did not show through a several hour long audition with A/B.

They can be forward sounding like any other Dynaudio if they aren't setup right - but it sounds like you're already familliar with the Dynaudio thing.

I think their unusual cosmetics keeps them from being one of the most talked about speakers, but I don't think any of the big companies makes a better monitor for less than $3k
I had a listen to the 1.4s and 1.3se about 2weeks ago at the dealer in a plinius system (cd & 9200)

They were both sound very similar, typical Dynaudio "house sound". However I found the 1.3se was a bit forward and a bit edgy. The 1.4s on the other hand was more relax with the presentation, no hint of fatigue, the vocal was a lot more smooth and a fuller body.

I also brought my 1.1s to the audition and found it to closer to the 1.3se presentation. Soundstage is wide and open, but the hint of edgy was there.

I was mainly interested in vocals therefore i did not listen to lower bass materials, however from what I was hearing I would by more than happy with the bass that both speakers were producing.

For me the 1.4s wins handdown, as they suited my taste in music. For someone else they might find them a bit slow and not as neutral..... It's all about the personal taste.

happy listening.....
Thanks for the help guys. Anyone else want to chime in?
I had a chance to hear a used pair of 1.4's hooked up to a Musical Fidelity integrated and cd player. I was impressed by how deep they dug for bass response. Also, considering the lousy placement (a tower was only 6 inches from the outside edge, they imaged quite well.
How do they compare to the Focus 140's?
Just demoed Dynaudio Focus 140's, Contour 1.4's and c-1's, as well as Revel m20 and B&W 805. B&W's finished a distant last, just not engaging. Focus 140's and Revel M20's tied for third. Revels had tighter bass, Focus 140's were more revealing in the mids but a little tubby at the bottom. The Contour 1.4's were a big step up from these two. Tighter bass than the Focus 140 and a much more revealing and transparent midrange. The C1's were even (very slightly) more revealing, but at a huge step up in price. My wife and I fell in love with and bought the Contour 1.4's. We went into the process trying to be reserved and analytical, but we fell head over heels emotionally for the Contour 1.4's. We've spent a week at home listening to them and rediscovering our love of music, hearing inner details we've never noticed before. Highly Recommended.
Following up the my previous post, I'm now a happy owner of new pair of 1.4s. upgraded from 1.1s
A question regarding room placement- what speaker is more sensitive to room placement, the Focus 140 or Contour 1.4?