anyone have speaker grilles for revel studios?

I am trying to find the grilles for the tweeter midrange section of revel studios. My studios came with grilles for the woofer, but revel had stopped-refused?-to make the grilles for the tweeter of the speaker. My speakers are all in black and I would really like to get the black grilles that revel used to make and discontinued, probably due to profitability. thx, mike.
So much for customer service.
Write a long letter to someone, expressing your dismay. They will do it. If not, (won't that be a shame) let ALL OF US KNOW!! Then get the measurements, have a handy guy, make the frame, and use single strand, double knit polyester cloth, available a any fabric shop.
Nicholson's, in Nashville, sells (if Revel uses regular speaker cloth)it.
Call Lee Lyon @ 1 615 327 4312, tell him Larry Staples told you to call. They even have it in stock, all the time.
Good luck
Larry, thanks for your idea. I will do as you suggested, and keep you posted, but I am skeptical. The whole harman high end family seems to be in significant disarray/decline given the move from connecticut to mass, and the death of proceed. Revel wait times are ranging up to six months,never a good sign.