Anyone have remote for Acrurus Act 1?

I spilled coffee on mine accidently.
These folks can rebuild it for you. They did a Sony remote for me and it works like new. It costs around 20.00. Or you can buy their kit and do it yourself.
My daughter, when she was way young, put my Cal Audio remote in a glass of 7UP. Immersed, it was. It dried out and worked. Good luck either way.
I've done my own remote repairs with success. If it's just coffee you may be ok - just don't use it until it's cleaned and dried. I don't think you need to even order the Remote Dr repair kit - just follow their procedure.
Thanks you guys. It was just one of those mornings. I take care of my equipment with kids gloves. I had just made coffee and set the pot on the floor and the remote just fell into the pot. I was able to power off the pre at first, but nothing has worked since. Guess what, I just checked and now it works again...
Yes !!!