Anyone have problems w/McIntosh warranty

I live in the middle of no where/ mid-west USA,no local dealers within 100s of miles from me.I bought a NEW McIntosh amp from dealer and had it shipped to me.The dealer first asked me to verify that I had no local dealer and told me over the phone that all paperwork would be in the crate, to send in the warranty info supplied which I did..McIntosh informed me via a letter that because it was purchased over the phone and shipped to me the warranty is invalid/void..Im posting half in protest to their policies and the other half to warn potential buyers..Last time I buy McIntosh!!!!
>>>Last time I buy McIntosh!!!!
Your loss!
They only try to protect their dealers and if the guy you got the amp from isn't on their list.... God knows where he's got the amp from.
I have only the best experiences with their service. In my MC 2000 two of the VU-meter bulbs went and a week later I had substitutes sent along with an instruction to change them.
You mean last time you buy from that dealer?Something funny here that needs further checking....good luck,Bob
Did you go to their website to find the closest dealer.

Take it up with the Dealer, and I suggest to check on the Mcintosh Web site if they are indead a dealer.

That's what I did before I bought.