Anyone have or listen to a Rega P5 yet?

Is this table as good or better than a P25?

Is it worth the increase in cost over a P3?

Any upgrades that should be done right away on it?


Dr Ken
I have the P-5 with Rega Super Elys. This is the best sounding turntable I have owned and I have owned MANY.

For simplicity, ease of use, great sound, and value, they are very hard to beat. I am not going to add any type of upgrade. The RB-700 arm is phenomenal as is.

I can't speak to the 25, I never owned one. However, I had a Sumiko Pro-ject prespective with several different cartridges (some up to $1000) and the P-5 is noticeably better.

The only way I would upgrade would be to buy the P-9 if I hit the lottery!

Happy Listening
Bennett (hififile)
I've listened to a P5 against a P25, both using a super Elys cartridge. (Not the same one) The P5 is 10-15% better I'd say. Deeper, fuller bass was the main difference, with a little more air and better separation of instruments. Everything just sounded a little cleaner and crisper. However, I ended up buying the P25 as a demo, saving $500 or so over the P5.

They are both clearly better than the P3, and I would say that cost difference is well justified. Have fun on your search!