Anyone have, or heard a McIntosh C41?

I think I am going to buy one, but I really am curious to know what else people like in that price range. I need something with as much weight as the McIntosh.


I saw the C41 a few times but didn't have a chance to listen to it. I heard that it sounds similar to the C42 (the one I have) except the C41 do not have the 8 bands EQ. For SS, this is one of the better one and I am happy with the sounds of my C42. If you have extra bucks and interested in tubes, you may want to consider the C2200. What other equiqments do you have?

Please see the web site below that references a McIntosh C41.
I am with Rodney, I listened to the C41 It was good, went right to the C42 I liked the 8 band EQ, and the sound was much better. Then It Happened the C2200 was a very warm & open sound being tube. It took me 30 min. in matching this to a MC 352 Amp, which I did, This is a sweet combo and I love it.
The C41 was very nice but not for me.
I own the C42 and the C2200. The 2200 is by far the better of the two. The 41 I have heard and it can compete with the 42 without as much control for recordings with glare. If there is a large difference in price I think you will be happy with the 41 but if you can swing a 2200 do not hesitate.
I also heard the 2200, and I like it a lot, but it is out of my price range.

My other gear is a pair of Scott Nixon monoblock amps. They are 40 watts each, and are op-amp designs based on the LM3875. I also have a Nixon TubeDac with a Sony 7700 transport. Audience AU24 interconnects, digital, power cords, jumpers, and speaker cables. Piega C-3 Limited speakers.

Thanks for the advice. .

I too will highly recommend the C-2200. I have owned ARC, Levinson, and VAC preamps, and the 2200 outperforms them all. However, I wonder why so few "golden-ears" seem not to like any of the Mac preamps. They favor Hovland, Lamm, Bat and ARC, but regard MacIntosh preamps as "stogy, old-fashioned,and basically dull. Have any of them ever listened to a C-2200? However, many of them will grudgingly admit to highly regarding the so-called classic Mac gear from the '60's as "OK". This seems to be the attitude of "The Absolute Sound", and all the sheep who follow the great god Harry!
If I could afford the 2200, I'd be all over it!
The C41 is a fine solid state preamp. For the money, you won't go wrong. I have heard one with a Mc202 amp several times and the sound is very impressive and the value is fantastic if you find a used or demo one. I do have to add however that if I could afford a C2200, I would be all over it too! Arthur
I have owned a C41 for the past 7 years, all I can say is great preamp. Very neutral does not add or subtract anything from the music unless you use the tone or trim controls. Very well built, and has processor loops for listening and recording. Before I purchased the C41 I had a Harmon Kardon receiver with pre in and out on the back. I ran my turntable through the C41 into the amp on the Harmon Kardon, and wow what a difference the Mcintosh made, the sound was way more open, detailed, and just sounded more lush than the Harmon Kardon preamp. Once I added a prima luna proloug 4 amp to the Mcintosh, I ended up selling the harmon kardon and never looked back. I also llike the fact that I can run 3 seperate amps off the C41, so if I want tube, SS, or digital Apm sound I can have it at my finger tips.