Anyone have or auditioned Seymour AV Ice Block amp

Thinking of trying these amps insted of my Nuforce ref9's
Have not auditioned Seymour amps. . . but I have auditioned NuForce, which are one of the better class D amps around. May I suggest that you do not get rid of your NuForces until you had the opportunity of A/B ing the two brands in your system for a few weeks. G.
Class D amps are a different breed and require a rethink on speaker cables, power cords, and interconnects.

I owned PS Audio GCC 250 for 3 years, and now Wyred4Sound MC 250/500, as I am biamping.

After a lot of experimenting, I like...

ICs: PS Audio Transcendent Silver
Speaker Cables: Clear Day solid core silver double shotgun
Power Cords: Tek Line microReference Xtreme