Anyone have opinion on PSE mkV amps?

I was interested to know if anyone has listened to these amps. If so can I get your impressions? What would be a good price for them?
Thanks, Pal.
Hey Pal:
The guy you want to talk to is AG member mikesinger.
Do a member lookup and send him an email, in case he
should miss this post.

Mike and I both have the PSE HL-1 Pre, but Mike also has
the Studio Mk V's and is very knowlegeable of this amp.
have 2 pairs of them..really like them alot( i own the original and the upgraded). there are 3 differnt series of them that i am aware of.

1. original- serial serial numbers on sticker on the back.
2. upgraded- different caps, upgraded internal wire, bias adjust and removal mod of circut protection. you can tell by the serial number stickers- it is on the bottom.
3. signature series - 2 power switches and regualted power supply (very rare)

the amps were popular during the ninties. dean of pse keeps a low profile and doesnt advertise much. he is really nice guy and very talented engineer.

as far as for sonic signature - very neutral of what is being feed to them and balls to wall bass / dynamics/and awesome microdynamics. i would consider them one slight step below the herron mono blocks. they sound best in the balanced mode imo.

there was a pair on ebay with the pse studio III tunere that didnt sell. the seller should have seperated the pieces ad took better shots.

as far as for price i bought two pairs in 2003. the blue book is $670.

hope that helps,

I had a pair of the Sig V's, and thought they outperformed the BAT VK-500 I was using in comparison. Both were running a pair of B&W 801II back about 2 years ago.

The PSE's are fabulous amplifiers, and they are all Mike speaks!

forgot to add..

new studio v's go for $2995
signature series go for $3500..

i think audio connection out of nj is a dealer.

I just purchased a second hand PSE HL-1 pre. Waiting for Dean to send me an owners manual. My amp is in for service, so I have not listened yet. I'm hoping it outperforms the ARC LS-25mk1 I sold. Rumour has it there will be a Signature upgrade to the HL-1.
How do I get a hold of Dean. I purchased the MK V that was on e-bay. I need to get it serviced.
I believe this address is current-
Professional Systems Engineering, Inc.
9755 Hamilton Road
Eden Prairie, MN. 55344
612.943.1677 tel