Anyone have Nakamichi CR-7A parts?

I am looking for the "Reel Motor Assembly", part number CA80205A.  Not to be found anywhere and I'm getting desperate.
Why oh why?  How about I have 500 casette tapes I recorded and would like to be able to listen to them.  Does either answer work for you?
Contact Willy Hermann. He had a graveyard of Nak parts last time I was there. You should find his contact info on the net. The CR-7A was a Nak worth repairing. Pay no attention to detractors!
I already contacted him and have my deck on his schedule to get it refurbished/repaired.  He said he doesn't have one but I have a feeling it is because they are getting so scarce. He may have to start scavaging from donor decks in the near future.  That same Reel Motor Assembly fits a bunch of Nak machines and might be worth someone making new replacements.