Anyone have modem problems with this site?

This is my most visited website but am experiencing modem problems when on it. I keep having to reset my cable modem to stay online. Just wondering if anyone else has this problem. Maybe the problem is with my system but I don't have the trouble with other sites and I love this website.
No problem for me, using ATT cable and RCA cable modem (new). If your modem is leased, ask your ISP to replace it.
I've had the same problem. I've been in touch with
my ISP, AT&T Broadband, and with Motorola, the maker
of the cable modem. Periodically it will "lock up"
and disable my network connectivity. I can't even
access e-mail or newsgroups. Powering down the computer
and rebooting does no good. The only answer is to
disconnect the power cord on the modem and let the
modem reset. It seems to happen most frequently when
sending a response to a forum posting. I just had my
cable modem replaced last month.

NOTE: I just tried the first time to send this message,
and my system locked up again. I had to power down the
modem and let it reset.
Lately I've been having the same thing, I'm still running Windows 98 se and I'm going to go to xp to see if that helps.
If I run netstat in dos when it starts to slow down, there are a lot of old connections that don't release so I have to reboot to get rid of them and then I'm fine .
I had the same problem also. I asked AudiogoN about my problem and they replied that I was unique. I changed from an ethernet input to a standard input-no more lockups, but a slower running web.
Exactly the same problem that I have. I probably have the same Motorola modem (SB4200 Surfboard). Like a dummy, I bought my own.
DAMMIT, I had to do it to post this.
This site seems to slow up quite a bit at 10PM EST every day.

Is everyone who has the problem using a Motorola cable modem? My windows version is ME and many people complain about it. I may switch to NT/XP.
As noted above, I'm having the problem using a
Motorola Surfboard modem, which was installed by
my ISP about a month ago. I'm running Windows XP
Professional, so upgrading your operating system
will NOT help.
THIS IS TOO STRANGE. I had this problem as well. ATT/Motorola Surfboard. My problem has ceased. Maybe it was an ATT thing. Maybe it was these solutions I tried.

1) Plug the modem directly into the wall if it is in a surge protector now.

2) If you are using Windows XP, left click on start/control panel/network settings/Local Area Connection/properties/configure/power management. Make sure the "allow the computer to shut down this device to save power" box is NOT checked. Click all the OK's and close's, then restart the computer.

Since I have done this today I have had ZERO problems
I had chronic problems with my ATT cable / modem system when i first had it hooked up, but it seems to be running a lot better now. I too used to have to re-boot to get things cleared up or go into the ATT settings on my puter to do a self diagnostic / reset. At one point, my downloads were so slow, i logged back onto my dial-up and it was faster !!!

I am now typically seeing downloads of 1.1 - 1.3 megs with peaks of up to 1.6 megs on rare occasions. There were some MAJOR problems last night with several internet supply lines though, so if that is what caused you to start this post, you were not alone.

As far as Audiogon goes, the slowest times that i've noticed are right around 1 AM. After contacting them, they told me that they do some work on the server for about 10 minutes at that time and then it's back to normal. Other than that, Agon is like any other site. It can be fast or slow. Most of the time, i don't really have a problem. Probably just depends on the traffic. Sean

Thank you guys for your answers. I will try some of your suggestions and will post if the problem persists.

Yeah getting this a lot. almost seems my computer is too fast (100mb's per sec) for the site to load.

" We're sorry, but something went wrong.

Stuff happens. We're sorry you had to see this.
Feel free to contact us if you keep seeing this problem repeatedly


Cheers George

@ George, you're on the wrong thread -2003! See the other one beside this.

this is the only one I found, can you link the other thread.

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