Anyone have knowledge on Transcriptor Skeleton tur

Looking for info on Transcriptor Skeleton turntables..Questions like.. type of arms that work well..are they reliable...performance...are parts available...what they cost... and anything else you can think of that could help this poor soul..Thanks
I have owned a number of skeleton tables. You can get parts from transcriptor (use google search) from the son of the original designer in England. I have had difficulty contacting him but Persistance will probably pay of. I have tried to buy some belts for my table as they have stretched during the twenty years it has been in storage. Transcriptor instructed me to pay in pounds sterling (which I do not know how to do!) My table uses an sme later model arm and if memory serves me this was an excellant sounding combo.I did replace it at the time with a Linn set up which was superior.
Hope this helps,