Anyone have issues with Revel Performa speakers

I recently purchased Revel PERFORMA F206 towers using an Anthem receiver and Rotel 1582 200wpc amp and after 2 weeks tweeter blew while1 not playing very loud. I went from Paradigm Monitor 11s and played them way louder without any issues. Going to a Mark Levinson 532h amp and hopefully can play loud without any clipping and the Revels hold up. Is this a known issue with Revels not taking playing loudly or possibly Rotel clipped and caused this ?? Or perhaps just a bad tweeter driver from the start ?
I had F208's with a Rotel RB-1090 for lows and Exposure 3010 S2 monoblocks for the upper. No issues whatsoever with playing loud. 
The woofer and tweeter show driver compression at modest volumes 90dB SPL which is unfortunately not uncommon in many designs see link

The tweeter works a little harder in this design (a possible risk) than others as it is crossed over at 2200 Hz but this low crossover probably contributes to the great even sound dispersion and driver integration.

Note Soundstage normally include linearity measurements at 95 dB SPL - the fact they have not provided them suggests the speaker starts to stress severely at these still modest loud levels.

Looking at this design versus the Monitor 11 - these designs are both very similar - both have crossover around 2200 Hz.

If they played well for two weeks and the speakers are new it does suggest you pushed them more than the modest levels they can handle. If you like dynamics and loud clean sound then buying bigger amplifiers is not the solution - a more heavy duty speaker with pro type drivers (rather than consumer grade) might be the best direction to go.

The F206 is an excellent speaker but you may be pushing them harder than they are designed for.
Shadorne thanks for your input. Good info but maybe not great news, these sound great but I do like to play pretty loud at times. I'm second guessing not going with Paradigm Prestige 85f's. 
Never had a problem with 206's or 208's. Call Revel support. They are generally very helpful. It would be a mistake to give up on such a fine loudspeaker. I can't imagine that the tweeter blew at anything other than uber clipping levels. Revels are extremely well designed.
Hey 4425, I can't imagine the level I was at was clipping the Rotel but could possibly be just a bad tweeter , like a bad part just one in a thousand?? 
I've pushed that combo before with the Paradigms about 10db or more higher and never an issue. Didn't sounded at all distorted but maybe hard to hear if it was. System has always played clear as a bell when played really loud before. 
Thanks for your feedback, the Revels do sound really good. I hope no more issues. 


I looked at measurenents for Paradigm 95F Prestige

I could not not find anything for the 85F but the design is similar.

Tweeter is crossed over at 2KHz - so this little 1 inch dome is working very hard indeed. However the most concerning thing is the breakup of the mid range woofer at just below 2KHz.

Just look at how the linearity changes as you increase SPL - the mid range actually increases in output as the cone breaks up or resonates.

This is quite simply a poor design for playing loud as the design falls apart but as I mentioned this is not actually uncommon and I bet it sounds totally sublime at ordinary levels.

I am not sure where you are but try to audition ATC, PMC, Quested or any of the more traditional pro three way designs with a 3" or 4" mid range and a 15" woofer. Alternatively try a horn loaded type design like a Tannoy concentric (again with 15" woofer.)

If you like to play loud then nothing beats a tradional design (like JBL 4425 or large Westlake) with high bass output and reflex port designed for efficiency rather then bass extension (bass extension from reflex porting sounds resonant and can easily get out of hand at elevated levels).
Personally I wouldn't do anything until I spoke with Revel and replaced the tweeter. I've been at this many moons and believe that I can almost guarantee that if it failed as described you were the unfortunate recipient of a rare bad tweeter. Dont even consider changing speakers until you sort it... plus you couldn't resell them. Call revel
Hi 4425. Thanks. I have already spoken with the local dealer I purchased from and he's having me shipped a new tweeter, he says he hasn't seen this before and thought maybe it was from amp being clipped which I can't believe it was at about 95db or less. I'm hoping this and getting the Mark Levinson 532H amp with more power/headroom and built in clipping control circuitry will solve and even sound better, I know the Levinson is a much better amp and probably used to voice the Revels as both owned by Harman. I really appreciate your great & positive response and feedback!
What music was playing when the tweeter blew? Analog? Digital? I had an experience with an Ace of Base CD. At one point in the "All That She Wants" song, there is an "amplitude spike" which is so bad it sounds exactly like someone slamming a sliding patio door as hard as they can -kind of scary! I don't know if this is intentional or some kind of manufacturing defect but it was real. maybe you have some bad software... 
I was playing a Prince song through Oppo BDP105D off an external hard drive which it did have a bit of a spike which I wondered about cause I think that's when it went. Song was Diamonds and Pearl's which has some strong horns at certain points. 
I don’t want to be the stick in the mud here but seriously if your listening to music at 95db for extended and frequent periods your are damaging your ears plain and simple. I know people here say that it’s only the transients that are that loud but Its still too loud just be careful and mindful that you can damage your hearing above 85db.

Now there are speakers that that will give you what seems a louder sound because of bettter dispersion, timing, pace etc also more efficient speakers can at times seem louder because they tend to be faster and also require less power

you do not want concert  sound levels at home that's reckless people in that business were ear protection at work for a reason. 
Normally I don't go that loud just certain parts or peaks in heavy rock like Rush or Pink Floyd, very seldom that high. I used an SPL meter to measure difference between the two to gauge the difference in sensitivity. I was probably actually around 85-90db when tweeter went or just shy of that. 
Absolutely agree with the above poster about hearing loss.  Good advice.

As far as the Revels go, why are you buying a Mark Levinson amp?  You should absolutely not need to spend that much money to make a $3,500 pair of speakers function properly.  I would see if your dealer would let you borrow the 85f demo pair to compare.  They are outstanding speakers and will play very loud with not much power in comparison to the Revels, and more importantly sound better at low volumes.

Now what I’d really recommend in that price range is the Focal Aria 936’s, but that’s a whole ‘nother story.
Anxious to hear how the new tweeter performs. You don't need new speakers and the new ML amp will be awesome. The speakers are certainly plenty good for such an amp. It sounds like I am a Revel promoter but I actually don't own a pair but rather was a prior user. I love em! 
Thanks 4425 for keeping it positive, I bought the Levinson amp on Audiogon for less than half retail just over 1 year old, so not a waste of money to pair with the Revels or any other good quality floorstander.
Too bad everyone else can't keep it positive, no need for judgemental feedback, I was asking about Revels performance and reliability.
You bought a great amp to go with appropriate speakers. Anybody that can't see a good match is just wrong. I've been addicted to this hobby for over 40 years and know a little about it. Unfortunately I've sold/traded very good gear over the years and would like to have some of it back.
I will say that if you could find a used ML 326s preamp at some point you'd be blown away. A great preamp that I'm occasionally seeing on Audiogon at great prices. That's one of the pieces that I regret selling.
95 db too loud?  thats crazy talk.  hope its just a bad amp or tweeter or bad mic which says it was only 95db.  glad dealer helped you out no issues.
Hey guys, long time lurker, first post (not a revel shill, promise).  Longtime F208 owner here, and now also powered by levinson.  I play pretty damn loud and have had no issues whatsoever.  My old integrated didn't like pushing these speakers at high levels, would clip and I'd have back off.  Levinson is a great match, what revel recommends (obviously).  However, they paired well with a quite a few amps I listened to with them, just preferred the levinson.  These speakers are power hungry.  I read a speaker review and during testing, noted their impedence can dip pretty low (~2-3 ohms) when played really loud.  I upgraded my amp and pre not long after purchasing these, and I'm glad I did because the speakers came alive.  Someone commented on Ag in another thread that they talked to revel cust svc, and they recommmended up to 500wpc.  Hope they work out for you.  Don't let a bad tweeter (or clipping amp) ruin your decision to purchase.  
Thanks sti555, I hope that's all it was and I'll enjoy for many years. I got the new Levinson amp hoped up now just waiting on the new tweeter. Need to get another couple hundred hours to see how good they can really sound! 
I own F208’s; I blew the right one up, a self inflicted gunshot wound. I’d buy another pair no questions but I’m rebuilding it. These speakers are awesome, do not hesitate but they do want a good amp.I upgraded from 135watt CJ amp to their Premier 350 and it made a world of difference. Ive always wanted the MH No. 532H, so I'm encouraged to hear the appreciation for them here. 
I had F208's, and had one tweeter mysteriously go out.  It was something in the crossover, not the tweeter itself.
Harman quickly took care of it and swapped out the speaker for me.  I was powering them with a Classé CA-2300. 

I own Salon 2's now and think the F208's are a great bargain.
Jahatl513, Since I've had a new tweeter replaced by Revel and went with the Mark Levinson 532h I have no issues with speakers. They sound fantastic and the Levinson amp is phenomenal sounding, the whole system is. You will hear things and level and smoothness, control and buttery smooth vocals like you've never heard before. Find a good used or new 532H and get one, it's a great amp. 

Initm and all others of the 532H club. Not meaning to hijack the discussion about Revel. What pre are you using with your No. 532H's???