Anyone have issues with Primaluna main amp fuses?

Has anyone using Primaluna amps had an issue with the main fuse blowing premature?
Not sure if the word premature should ever be used when talking about a fuse. What precisely happened? I have been using PL amps (PL2 and PL5) for close to a decade and have never blown the fuse.

premature in that the fuse blew 2 weeks after putting it in...

i blew 3 or 4 within a 2 month period-----i called upscale audio and
found out that certain cities--due to voltage issues need to use a higher fuse value.
Well, there is your answer ... NYC and its voltage spikes have never tripped the fuse in my case. Did Kevin recommend some type of power protection, since this can't be good for any other components you are using.

Jarrod recommended a higher fuse value------I do have power/surge protection in that I use a high end Audience line conditioner if that's what your referring to in power protection