Anyone have info on Chario?

In my bad luck or stupidity I have blown a woofer driver in my Chario Academy 1's... (way out of warranty) neither my dealer nor his distributor has been able to get Chario to return e-mails or fax's.. does anyone know if Chario is having problems or went out of business??
The driver is a 5" focal driver especially made for Chario.
Anyone have any Ideas?
they are still in italy doing business in the u.s. on pair by pair basis with several retailers. try contacting savant audio in new jersey.
Hey what do you know.. Savant IS my dealer... he has not been able to get a reply from Chario..
you may want to reach out to chario via the web.
Try contacting the US distributor, Fanfare Int'l.

Bill LeGall
1422 Taylor Rd
Lansdale PA 19446

He may be able to repair the woofer unless the woofer cone is ripped or something radical like that.
Hey thanks guys.. as a matter of fact only yesterday we finally were able to get an answer out of chario... replacement drivers are on the way!
they are great loudspeakers by the way