Anyone have honest opinion of Jolida amps?

Want to join ranks of tube/hybred owners but with a modest budget. I need advice. Wondering if the Jolida integrateds are any good. Seem to be a lot for sale. Also seems many reviews at Audio Review website may have been written by dealers (pity if its true). Looking for honest opinions and suggetions for this audio novice. THANKS.
Launche says
"So what exactly am I getting if I buy a $4000 mid low fi Cayin or Jolida product?"

Hopefully your money's worth.
In December 2005 I posted about Jolida and at the time was dickering over a like-new, used 302B. I bought the unit and it has been wonderful; it is not modified, save for a Jolida mod., the subwoofer output. I am using NOS Svetlana EL34 power tubes, 1962 Sylvania 12AX7A organ pre-amp tubes and CV4024 (12AT7) military Mullard tubes as drivers. The sound is wonderful. I sold the Klipsch speakers and bought a pair of Spica TC-50i's and I am back to where I came from. Now I am looking for a subwoofer to try that out. Jolida is not easy to beat for the money. If I modified the unit it would probably surprise me, but I am curious about the new 302B that has no balance control. LED biasing and remote. That might sound even better than the current model.
I own a Jolida 202s connected to a pair of energy cb20 speakers. To be honest my Miniwatt n3 sounds richer and fuller when connected to the same speakers. I am running a sweet set of nos tubes in the n3.
maybe the Chinese tubes take a long time to burn in. I ordered nos tubes for the front-end and eh 6ca7 fat boys for the output. I ordered GE 5751 nos tubes to replace the driver tubes. They have less gain than the Chinese 12at7. I hope to hear a deeper soundstage, better frequency response and more headroom'll of what the holiday amps lack with the stock tubes. If the stock tubes take 100hrs to burn in to sound good, then holiday should burn in the tubes since these tubes are just gonna eend up as spares
Uhm.. the guy that said jolida = trash .. you obviously only used the cheap $3.00 stock tubes. I upgraded with JJECC8003s gold tubes for the preamp. USA JAN Phillips 12AT7WC for the drivers and let the stock EL34 B output tubes age a little. It sounds kick ass now!
The bass hits hard and deep, mids are crisp, highs are crisp and clear now. And the sound stage is awesome.

I tested with Mozart's Requiem last night. Unfreaking believable! The Chorus shook the house!
If you take the time to research tubes then this is a good amp to get and modify, results will blow you a way. If you just wanna unpack it and use it as a stock amp.. then it's not for you. It doesn't suck. I just think Jolida doesn't want to price the amp with high quality tubes because they would have to sell it for $1,700 or more.
I picked up mine new for $599.99 shipped. turned it on and though my miniwatt N3 sounded better. Now after I upgraded my preamp stage with new tubes and adjusted the bias for the ouput stage... I am really loving this amp.
My Miniwatt can't even come close to it now.

I play sax and blues harp. Now when I crank up a tune to jam with it sounds really good.

I've got 4 ohm Energy cb-20 speakers attached to it right now.