Anyone have honest opinion of Jolida amps?

Want to join ranks of tube/hybred owners but with a modest budget. I need advice. Wondering if the Jolida integrateds are any good. Seem to be a lot for sale. Also seems many reviews at Audio Review website may have been written by dealers (pity if its true). Looking for honest opinions and suggetions for this audio novice. THANKS.

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SAm XZ:"but for the money Jolida is hard to beat"
Ever heard of Cayin? A few bucks more and much more the quality. But then again you can get used Jolida real cheap used on audiogon, so if its a tight budget you have then go ahead.
But you get what you pay for.

I guess it is a matter of preference. Like I said in an earlier post. Krell vs Levinson kind of thing.
I have had the JD1000 Integrated, JD100 CDP, and currently own the Music Envoy preamp. Never had a problem and all sound very nice. Like one poster said, change the tubes and it will take it to another level.

Personally I feel anyone who bashes Jolida has a beef with them. It is like Krell versus Levinson reviews on Sure there is better, but for the money Jolida is hard to beat.
Unreliable, ok sounding.

Here we go again. Exactly what I am talking about :(
Sloane I am not saying Jolida is crap at all. If you think I made a naive statement then so be it..LOL. I meant more expensive gear usually IS better but not always. Jolida is a great value I do agree as I have owned 3 pieces of Jolida. I liked them all but found other gear more pleasing and it was more expensive used but not by a wide margin.
No problem Sloane and I have to agree with your assessment on higher end gear for the most part. A lot of the differences in audio is the design. You can build something with decent parts and if its implemented correctly it will sound very good . Just because it costs an arm and leg doesn't mean it will sound fantastic. A Jolida amp with better tubes does improve it quite a bit. I do have to say I had a Jolida JD-100 CDP an d for the price it sounded very good and better with NOS tubes. I replaced it with a Cary 303 CDP and liked the Cary much better. The Cary was a few hundred dollars more but Cary's are designed very well. Its also how it fits in your system and personal tastes.