Anyone have/heard Cerious Tech. React1 speakers?

Have a loom of CT cables and am thinking of a purchase of these speakers. Bob has designed some very spooky quiet dynamic cables and seems to have a very high IQ when it comes to the design of this speaker.

I hate buying new but I can get good $$$ for my speakers and have a buyer.

Any feedback on this speaker?
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Never heard the speakers, but you have a great pair of ZU speakers. Personally, I would keep the speakers. My reason: If you are like me, you won't be satisified with the new speaker/amp set up and you will contemplate another amp. If you like the sound of your system, just sit back and enjoy.

Always had a fear of moving my speakers out and trying something different. What if the new is not as good as the old? The old would be just down the road at my friend's house so I could go and have a listen LOL.

What if the new is much better than the old? Score yes? Shall I fly to Az. To hear them?
Just checked their web page. I don't see how you could go from the ZU speakers that throw out a large sound to a pair of stand mounted monitors. If you like the big sound that ZU is famous for, you won't get them in a monitor speaker. I had Vandersteens for many years, then went to one of the small DeVore floorstanding speakers. It was a major disappointment to me as the DeVores didn't project that large room filling sound that I liked.

Keep what you have.

I could be wrong, but I thought he stopped manufacturing speakers and sold off his stock a few months ago. They were listed on Audiogon at very steep discounts.
I have not heard them, but based on his work with Unity, and what he's done with his interconnects, and the lengths to which he has addressed several important aspects of speaker design, I'd bet the speakers are very good.
If you are after carbon fiber speakers why not go for the Wilson Benesch Trinity's. The real deal.

As a dealer we had them at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in 2007.

How does the Billy Preston song go "Will It Go Round In Circles" -

Seriously, have you considered seeking out a dealer who has a system that you actually like, and then letting him guide you?

Then again, that's assuming that you really aren't happy with your system and are trying to get it where you want it.

If you don't really know what you want, or just like to upgrade because you can, forgive my intrusion.