Anyone have heard Canary ref. one

or owned one, this is 80watts SET, can this power Hansen Emperor 87db, 6ohms, 4 driver version not the new E with 6 drivers. thanks
I haven't heard these amplifiers and have no reason to doubt what Peter has written. Based on Canary's reputation I believe that they'd sound wonderful driving your speakers. These amplifiers are said to have excellent power supplies and transformers. As with all things concerning audio, it just depends on what kind of sound you're seeking.
Good Luck,
I have driven a pair of Joseph Audio Rm25si Mk II's for years with a pair of Canary CA-339's, which are the References little brother at 50 push pull watts.
The Reference amps will easily drive your speakers, as long as your impedances and phase angles are fairly benign.
Peter is right. Canary amps are beasts. The proverbial iron fist in a velvet glove. I have had many amps through here over the past ten or twelve years and the Canary's are the ones that have stayed. They won out over Manley Snappers and Neo-Classic 250's, Cary Six Pacs, VAC PA-100's and VAC 30/30 Mk.III's, to name a few.
Canary deserves a far far better reputation than it has. No tube amp has run cooler and quieter and been more bullet proof in my experience.
Hi Jaybass and everyone

My present system which still the same as stated somewhere in Audiogom

Aesthetix Callisto Eclipse and IO sgn. all 1 PS
Krell FPB600
VPI classic 4 /dyna VX-1S
Sony XA-9000es
Hansen Emperor 4 driver the older version not the E, 87db, 6ohms with Nordost sort fut. feet
IC and speaker wire Nordost Valhalla
room sise 18ft x 25 x 9ft opening to right 12FT x 20ft x 9ft