Anyone have heard Canary ref. one

or owned one, this is 80watts SET, can this power Hansen Emperor 87db, 6ohms, 4 driver version not the new E with 6 drivers. thanks
I own the Ref 2, which is very similar to the Ref one as far as power handling is concerned, 80W of 300B power will drive almost anything. These are extremely well made and sound tremendously well.

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Hi Charles
Yes you are right is push pull,

Hi Peter
I saw your ads for sale on the REf. Two, did you sold it?
80W of 300B is still 80 watts right? How does it compare to VTL MB750's watts.

I have been asking question because i never have a power tube amp before and worry about humming and cost of retubing. Most importantly headache if problem kept arising.

My pre and phono are all tubes.
No have not sold them yet, they are still available.

As I mentioned the Canary products are extremely well built I have had several of them through here over the past 10+ years.

They are very quiet and if biased properly the 300B tubes will last many many years. With 16 ea 300B the cost of a new set of tubes can be substantial depending on how crazy you go with the tubes, I run them with EH 300B which will set you back about $1800 for a complete set. If you want to discuss these further give me a call and I'd be happy to answer all questions you might have.

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I haven't heard these amplifiers and have no reason to doubt what Peter has written. Based on Canary's reputation I believe that they'd sound wonderful driving your speakers. These amplifiers are said to have excellent power supplies and transformers. As with all things concerning audio, it just depends on what kind of sound you're seeking.
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