Anyone have heard Canary ref. one

or owned one, this is 80watts SET, can this power Hansen Emperor 87db, 6ohms, 4 driver version not the new E with 6 drivers. thanks

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Hi Jaybass and everyone

My present system which still the same as stated somewhere in Audiogom

Aesthetix Callisto Eclipse and IO sgn. all 1 PS
Krell FPB600
VPI classic 4 /dyna VX-1S
Sony XA-9000es
Hansen Emperor 4 driver the older version not the E, 87db, 6ohms with Nordost sort fut. feet
IC and speaker wire Nordost Valhalla
room sise 18ft x 25 x 9ft opening to right 12FT x 20ft x 9ft
Hi Charles
Yes you are right is push pull,

Hi Peter
I saw your ads for sale on the REf. Two, did you sold it?
80W of 300B is still 80 watts right? How does it compare to VTL MB750's watts.

I have been asking question because i never have a power tube amp before and worry about humming and cost of retubing. Most importantly headache if problem kept arising.

My pre and phono are all tubes.