Anyone have GoldenEar Triton I Speakers? What AMP driving them.

Looking for your experience with the Triton I's and what AMP you are driving them. Thanks.
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I had them prior to my current Golden Ear Triton Reference :) I'm using a Musical Fidelity M6si.
I drove my Triton ones with an Odyssey Stratos amp @160wpc and now am using an older McIntosh integrated with 200wpc.
I'm driving my 5.1 surround-sound system (GoldenEar Triton 1 left and right) with an Emotiva XPA-5 gen2 amp. Sounds fantastic !

I have only auditioned the Triton Ones (with Parasound gear). My suggestion is to consider pairing them with tubed components. 
From the Golden Ear Triton One User Manual:

"See your GoldenEar Technology dealer for amplifier recommendations."

From the Golden Ear Triton One Marketing Brochure:

"Having the built-in powered subwoofer section also has the significant benefit of giving tremendous flexibility in amplifier choices, since the bass is powered internally and doesn’t require external amplifier power. "
In my current setup I am driving my Triton Ones with a Bryston 4B3 which I upgraded from a Parasound A21. I thought both amps paired well with the Triton Ones but the Bryston does everything a little better. I am in no way a critical listener and couldn't begin to describe the differences. It all could just be knowing that the Bryston is supposed to be a better amp that psychologically I have convinced myself.
I have heard them a number of times driven by Line Magnetic integrated amps and they sound great with those amps. They don't need lots of power with the woofers having their own built in amps. 

Line Magnetic. Yes. I auditioned my T-Refs with the very nice LM219ia @ 28 WPC.

I'd snap one up except for the heat issue here in PHX.