Anyone have first hand experience with Vitus

I've heard grand things about these amps but there is no dealer in my area, and I refuse to spend that kind of money without an in house listen.

Thanks in advance.
Vitus makes excellent equipment that is rightfully mentioned among the top echelon of amplifiers. I have his CDP (loveit) and have had the pleasure of hearing his amps in my and a few other systems, they make just beautiful music. Hans Ole Vitus is one of the nicest guys in the business, have you contacted him directly about a demo since there's no dealer in your area? Not every manufacturer is for everyone, so spot on to want a demo regardless of how man like or dislike a particular line...
Vitus makes great stuff. Vitus flavor revolve around a musical/organic sense, natural timbres and an easy flowing liquidity. This is the oposite of Goldmuns, Solution and Spectral gear, that seem to focus on pristine clarity, speed, very extended top/bottom frequencies.