Anyone have experience with Vinnie Rossi LIO?

I am back in the audio madness after a few years of exile.
Lately I've read about the Vinnie Rossi LIO Integrated Amp.

I'm wondering if anyone has had occasion to listen to this piece in any of it's configurations?
Lots of info on Audiocircle.

Don P.
Thanks for the response, I went to the site, learned a bit.
Now, does anyone know of the 'house sound' of RWA which is the same as Vinnie Rossi (per reviews, same but more refined).
If we can compare it to any other products??
Haven't head the new line from Vinnie but am eager to do so.

I'm very happy with my red wine signature 15 as well as the service and support from Vinnie. I have hooked it up to very expensive speakers at various dealers and it continues to deliver very high quality sound and surprise everyone who hears it.
Thanks for the response.
I've always heard great things about Red Wine.
I just had a listen at Axpona. Very impressive.
Has anyone who has heard Harbeths wirh LFD or Lavardin gear also heard them with LIO? I'm trying to decide between the 3. Am auditioning an LFD LE V this weekend. Initial listen didn't blow me away as I thought it would.
Well, Rossi was using Harbeths at the show. I haven't heard the others, but can't imagine Harbeths sounding much better.
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I also owned a signature 15 by Red Wine. If it is any indication of Vinny's work, I would jump at the chance to own another one of his products. If the amp that I owned had the same house sound, then I would call it refined.
     Hope the best for your renewed venture.