Anyone have experience with Vincent hybrid gear and electrostatics?

I own a pair of ML ESL 11A’s and am looking at the Vincent SP-T 700 mono’s and the SV-T7 pre. Will appreciate any advice. 

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Can’t audition my only real concern is the low impedance of the ML of 1 ohm and below can’t seem to find that stat on the spt 700
I did some calling around and the sp t700 are available in the us just a matter of time . The 4 ohm state refers to the overall impedance of the speaker ie. 4 8 or 16 ohm resistance. The 700's will be able to meet the requirements of the ML's as the final stage is solid state the valves are only on the input stage of the amp. so good news is they will work just fine. Thanks for your input everything I learn is awesome with everyones help
I think they will. I have read a lot of reviews of the gear in other forums from people that are ML users and a lot of Maggie users that have had awesome reviews of this gear thank you for the support and advice