Anyone have experience with the new ELAC DDP-2?

I've been seeing tiny bits of news about the ELAC DDP-2 streaming DAC since early last year and only recently has it become available online at a few retailers.  However, there isn't a single review of it that I can find anywhere.  With previous Audio Alchemy products getting great reviews, I can assume a certain level of quality nearly enough to go out on a limb and buy it for a 30-day trial, but I wanted to see if anyone has already taken that leap of faith.

From what I've read it combines the external DC power supply of the DDP-1 internally and uses AKM DACs in a balanced setup with onboard DSD and MQA decoding, upsampling, Spotify Connect and Roon and a headphone amp.

Hi guys,
After trying many combo Pre/DACs, this is the first one that sounds as good as high end separates that we have found. Its performs like a separate high end analog preamp and a separate high end DAC.. Separate power supplies for analog and digital. Sounds way above its price point. I have compared it to separates totaling $12K and it is right there with them sonically, no compromise. Peter Madnick and Elac offer a crazy value in this line.

Talk is cheap. Don't take my word for it.  You can listen to it for yourself, in your home and system with no risk. Satisfaction Guaranteed. No-Restocking fee if you don't love it. In stock. Ships today from IL..
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Update: got the IP address figured out and got Airplay up and running. Then a firmware update unlocked Spotify connect which sounds noticeably better than Airplay.  

So far, I’m noticing much more rounded bass presentation with more authority and depth.  Treble has smoothed out a bit since start up when it was pretty scratchy.  Sound stage is much deeper than the Parasound and far better controlled.

It is still early on, but so far it’s promising on sound.  
I've not been able to figure out how to connect to the device for files on the network that aren't on Roon.  There is a very limited web interface for the device that lets you rename it, update firmware, set bluetooth discoverability, etc. but no mention of how to connect it to other files or how to browse and play them.  I reached out to my dealer and they said Peter Madnick from ELAC will email me to help out.  I'm relatively savvy on some networking stuff, but have never delved into setting up streaming connections within my own network, so hopefully that can shed some light on it. 

After running all night last night, the sound is continuing to smooth out and the differences between the selectable filters are getting more noticeable.
@rickallen81 Thanks for the updates, and please keep them coming.  The DDP-2 is a promising-looking piece of gear, but it is difficult to find user reviews.