Anyone have experience with the new Acurus gear?

I just caught some link that brought me to revived Acurus / Aragon websites. Looks like there is a new Act 4 under the Acurus branding too?
As a former owner of the old Acurus Act 3 - which the best piece for the money back when (as well as a couple of their amps) I see no reviews or hear anyone talking about the new gear, and am curious.
Also, looks like you can buy Acurus from, like, 3 different dealers?
Just want to hear some feedback for the stuff. Anyone?
I started this thread a little while back and got no response.

That Acurus Act 4 looks interesting

I will say this, if the new Acurus(and Aragon) are even close to the Mondial models of before, Indy Audio Labs should have a winner. I am sure the build quality is there I just hope the price points are well thought out.

On the website, both the Acurus models and Aragon models sure look nice.

Wow! Yes, amazing. I guess if audio/videophiles and enthusiests alike,even on this forum, don't have any interest or comments to add regarding the Acurus product line (given it's past reputation) I can (sadly) imagine a quick death to any hopes of this company selling the product successfully! But then I guess I answered my own question, somewhat, by commenting that there were only a handfull of dealers listed for the product line.
Well that is a shame. But I guess it just reinforces that you can't replace MARKETING and ADVERTISING when it comes to moving gear! Fail to do any of this, or do your research homework as a company and, no matter quality your product may be, YOU WON'T SELL THE STUFF! ..and the company will soon be going bye bye!
I don't see a bright future for the product, but I do see that everyone in todays market is buying budget 7.1 channel AV receivers, and being conent enough to ignore higher end AV separates of the past decade+, that showed some level of success.
I'd be curious to know how the AV companies are doing with their separates these days. My Bat Senses tell me all these upgraded niceties have slowed in sales, of late.
I don't see much about these products. I wonder if these are preproduction pieces on there web and not available yet? For example, the info on their Act 4 has pretty generic specs. Unless they get good distribution prices may be too high for their value. But, I hope this company re-emerges.
I just got an email from Rick Santiago(cofounder Indy Audio Labs) about an Acurus "trade up" program which they are promoting until March 30. 30% trade in value of older amp towards a new Acurus amp. I own an A250 and a 200FIVE and may just consider the offer.

Here is an Audiogon ad for the new 2-channel Acurus amp.

Apparently the Act 4 is not out yet. I don't see how a few amps in their line is gunna make heaps of sales (i'm sure the custom market is full of amps for custom integrators to sell). So good luck to them on that.
I will, however, wait to see on the processor. Maybe someone will get in on a review? ...and how it would compare to some budget offering, like what Emotiva is offering in the UmC-1?