Anyone Have Experience With the Macintosh MVP901?

My old Oppo has developed some personality flaws and I am thinking about a new unit. The MVP901 seems to be the nicest one out there and I can get a new one for $3700. Don't ask how. Anyway the thing that bothered me most about the Oppo was the time it took to load and unload. You could go have dinner while it handed you the disc back. The only other machine that I know of that is a universal disc player is the Pioneer UDP-LX500 which I would expect is not made quite as well.
What are your prime uses for the player?
Music, movies?

I had the mvp871 and 2 channel CD was pretty darn good Tbh.
OPPO had it beat on movies though.
However the 901 should be better in that respect.

Of course built like a tank!

Arcam udp411 might be another consideration.
Wow, that is a pricey Pioneer, 2200 sterling about $2900. It plays UHD video. The Mac does not. I suspect the Mac is better built and it is also twice as expensive. It will be used mostly for movies. All my CDs are on a hard drive. I just have the odd SACD, DVD, DVD-A disc remaining. 
Save money-better picture? Very Tempting. Certainly not as nice to look at but what are you buying it for? 
It is available in Europe and Australia so I suspect it will be here momentarily.