anyone have experience with "replacement cost" insurance, and Allstate?

Well, thanks to a lightning strike I am without my Mark Levinson 326s. It is at the shop now getting looked at but I am not holding out a lot of hope. The 326s is not longer made, and I am worried about what Allstate will consider as a replacement.thanks for any advice you might have on this.
As a 39 year State Farm agent Tuberist is “exactly” correct. The adjuster wants his job made easier. With a third party opinion that a given model today is the equivalent of your past model the adjuster moves on. 

Let me know now if you have any issues you shouldn’t!
Dave aka “Bogey”
Hi guys, what kind of insurance I should buy? I currently have homeowners insurance only... if someone can chime in and explain a little what kind of add on or insurance is a must for people like us who spend a lot of money in a Stereo system, speakers, electronics, etc.
Consult your agent. A normal policy should cover all of your possessions. This doesn't include the $100k in cash you had in the cookie jar, however. 
well, looks like the 360s DAC didn't make it after all... : (
dweller, that doesn't make a lot of sense? What if I was gifted all of the items? They would have a value of 0 dollars and be uninsurable?