anyone have experience with "replacement cost" insurance, and Allstate?

Well, thanks to a lightning strike I am without my Mark Levinson 326s. It is at the shop now getting looked at but I am not holding out a lot of hope. The 326s is not longer made, and I am worried about what Allstate will consider as a replacement.thanks for any advice you might have on this.
About 8 years ago I did. Lightning damage from a major storm that took out a few pine tree's. Also screwed up the power supply of an Oracle turntable---what I made my claim for. 

Amps and electronics were fine but plugged into  Tice power blocks. They sent like 2 different inspectors over--more concerned with a split tree falling on neighbors property than my turntable!! They had zero clue about the value of that kind of equipment.

They had me get estimates for repair costs to ship it to Quebec and they sure did not like those UPS costs. So they offered me a settlement that was more than fair---and I kept the tonearm. Send me a pm if you want the actual numbers. I guarantee you they had no idea that some turntables are purchased w/o an arm and getting a reputable place to set it up. 

you are going to have some major problems if there is not a Levinson dealer close by for repairs---don't use anyone else. And you know a Levinson dealer for a cost estimate will not be inexpensive. Make certain to include those packaging and shipping costs---it is definately a cost you have to incur for an estimate.
Hard to believe they won't be able to fix and restore it to better than new for a lot less than replacement. If Allstate balks in any way I would show them a few listings from say eBay or here, and the current Levinson model prices. 

Then when they cut you a check use it to upgrade to the one Keith Herron makes.

Yes, luckily I am close to a very established Levinson dealer. They are looking at it now. I had Transparent Power isolators on all the gear, they are fine... unfortunately I did not protect the incoming DTV line and it ran in there taking out the DTV gear, TV, my Cambridge audio streamer, pre amp and router. Luckily the 360s DAC, 37 Transport, 331 amp and speakers made it through.

I know Allstate is going to choke if they see a 10k replacement bill.