Anyone have experience with Melody Tube Amps

Looking for advice as to how to manually bias a melody EL34 integrated or any Melody Tube Amplifier

I have a Melody 12A3 integrated amp, and bias is on each side, two tubes per side. There is a one opening for the ground probe of the meter and separate holes for each tube for the positive meter probe. There is a hole with a small flat head screw inside between the ground and positive holes and the desired voltage is printed on the sides as well. Just turn the screw until the desired voltage in DC volts is reached on the meter and you're done. Don't know if yours is designed the same way.
Depotec thanks so very much. Mine is the same, bias adjustments on each side. The desired voltage written on the side is 2V. One more question for clarification. There are a total of 10 tubes, 4,EL34, 4,6Sn7 and 2, 12AX7. Is it fair to assume the bias control is only for the EL34 Output tubes and the other tubes are self biasing or require no bias adjustments?

Thanks, I have the manual but no instruction in the manual specific to how to bias.

I only know of the output tubes to need bias adjustments;
I do not have a Melody amp but have owned cary,manley,vtl and audiovalve;the other tubes normally to not get a bias adjust;maybe a melody owner will also respond again;but I am 99.999% sure you are set once the el34 tubes are biased.
Rleff thanks for your response. I am taking the amp to a local amplifier mods person this morning and I am also equally certain that only the EL34 tubes are biased.

Cityboy how did it go?
Rleff thanks for your follow up and interest

The technician removed the bottom cover and to my surprise the manual bias adjustment is for both EL34 and 6SN7 tubes. There is no bias adjustment for the 12AX7 tubes. The manual biasing is fairly simple as described in the initial response from Depotec above.

While he was inside he put in better capacitors and per the technician even prior to the expected 100 hours of burn in the improvement made has been significant, with more improvement expected as the caps continue to be burned in. He still has the component and I intend to visit and listen with him this Sunday. We are considering adding bybee quantum purifiers, WBT silver connectors for the RCA interconnects and better but not as expensive as the WBT binding post, probably copper binding posts by either Cardas or Eichmann. The good news is so far all the work done has been at a reasonable price.

i have a melody h34mk2 and i think its really nice amp.Before ihad a Greek single endeed 2x18 class A solid and an other set solid olso Demidoff signature.
Citiboy it is kind of nice to have that extra calibration as you can monitor voltages in case you notice difting it could be a early sign of tube failure and save repair cost if a bias resistor or cap decides to blow with a tube if it fails hard.